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Mosquito and Tick Treatments

Make the time you spend in your yard more enjoyable and worry free with our Mosquito and Tick Treatment. Seasonal service trements are performed every 3 weeks. You can also call us and schedule an appointment before a BBQ, pool party, or any other outdoor gathering. We can treat a few days before your event. Our treatments are guaranteed to minimize the number of mosquitos and ticks on your property. Once the treatment is dry you can enjoy your yard without getting eaten by those pesky insects. 


We offer:

  • One time treatments for special events

  • Yearly Service Plans (April - October)

  • Custom Plans

How we treat:

  • We will contact you 2-3 days before each treatment to let you know when we will be treating.

  • We ask that the treatment area be clear of furnature, toys, etc... before we arrive. 

  • The ground, shrubs and trees (up to 8 feet high) are sprayed with a backpack sprayer.  With our sprayers we can control where the pestiside is applied. We will be sure not to get any chemical on your neighbors property, toys, furnature, gardens, etc..

  • Treatments are performed on days with no rain in the forcast to prevent the chemical washing away and low wind speeds to prevent chemical traveling to unwanted areas 

  • You or your pets can not enter the treated area until it has completely dried, usually 1-2 hours depending on the weather. 

Mosquito Facts 
  • Only female mosquitos feed on blood
  • Both male and female mosquitos feed on plant nectar
  • They feed on humans and animals
  • There are many different types of mosquitos
  • All mosquitos need water to breed
  • Besides being a nusance, mosquitos in NJ are known to carry diseases such as
    • Eastern Equine Encephalitis​
    • St. Louis Encephalitis
    • Dog Heartworm
Tick Facts
  • Ticks are not insects, they are more closely related to Spiders
  • Both sexes feed on blood
  • Most will feed on small and large animals
    • chipmunks, mice, squirrels, deer, dogs, cats, etc...​
  • Females can lay hunderes of eggs at a time
  • Not all ticks carry Lyme Disease
  • There are different types of ticks found in NJ
    • Brown Dog Tick 
      • Rarely feed on humans
      • Almost exclusively on dogs​
      • Indoor pest​​
      • Rarely carry disease
    • American Dog Tick​
      • Feed on animals and humans​
      • Can carry Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Ehrlichiosis
    • Blacklegged Tick​ (Deer Tick)
      • Feed on animals and humans​​​
      • Known to carry Lyme Disease​, Babesiosis, and Ehrilichiosis
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