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Yearly Service Plan

With our Yearly Service Plan, customers receive a worry free guarantee against insect and rodent infestations. We start with a whole home inspection to locate any problem areas such as clogged gutters, moisture issues or holes that would allow pests to enter. We will seal up these entry points and make reccomendations on what can be done to minimize infestations. We will treat the exterior perimeter of your home to create a barrier to stop insects from becoming a nuisance in your home. We will also place tamper proof rodent stations inside your home to eliminate any possible rodent problems. These stations will be placed in areas where they are not visible to guests and out of the reach of pets and children. They are tamperproof and need a key to be opened. 

Treatments will occur twice a year. During each treatment we will treat the perimeter of the home, check rodent stations as well as inspect the property for any pest issues like animal and insect damage, bee hives etc... Customized plans are available


Our Commercial Plan is a monthly treatment and inspection service. We will treat the interior and exterior of your building for insects as needed as well as install rodent stations that will be monitored monthly. Upon the initial treatment we will inspect the entire building, seal up any entry points, and reccomened any repairs that should be made to keep pests away. We treat warehouses, restaruants, office buildings, bakerys, etc...

Call us to set up a free inspection and estimate.

Mosquito Plan

Our Mosquito and Tick Plan will minimize the number of insects on your property. Your Property will be treated with either a Pyrethroid Pesticide or an all natural solution made of: Rosemary Oil, Geraniol, and Peppermint Oil. Not only is this treatment safe for animals but also the environment. For best results your property should be treated once a month during the months of May- October. Custom plans are also available.


During each treatment we will treat the property as well as inspect the property for any pest issues like animal and insect damage, bee hives etc... 

See the Mosquito/Tick page for more information. 

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